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You learned or even mastered English, but you still struggle to use what you learned in a real conversation?

It’s normal. Speaking is one of the areas that most English learners find difficult. And the reason is simple: Just think of how you learned your mother tongue:

Did it start by you learning grammar, reading and writing? Did you take any courses?

No. You learned it by being surrounded by people who speak the language, by actually being thrown into the situation where you had no choice but to talk, and most importantly, by being fully confident that it’s okay to make mistakes!

Traditional ways of teaching can’t teach you to speak a language.

Practicing English in real life does.

So, the way to learn to speak English is simple: Just find a partner to practice English with, read a big book out loud, or just binge watch movies and songs until you memorize them.

All of these things are good. If you’re ready to put the effort and take the commitment to do all of that, then great! In a few weeks or months, you’ll start seeing a difference.

But we’re offering you an even BETTER, and MUCH EASIER way.

Learn English by ACTUALLY talking to a TESOL-certified and experienced native instructor, along with a small group of people with the common goal of improving their English.

A.C. Robinson
TESOL-Certified English Educator

With our methodology, you will learn, engage and have fun, and it’s okay to make mistakes!

The point is to put yourself in a situation where you willingly want to speak. Because that’s exactly how we learned our mother tongue.

By joining our conversation groups, you’ll benefit from:

  1. Speaking in a group setting, including one qualified native English speaker
  2. The group includes 4-6 people. Big enough to engage and socialize, and small enough to have a great opportunity to talk and share your thoughts.
  3. Join any time you want – the sessions will take place regularly, if you miss one, it’s okay, Just book a seat in the next one!
  4. It’s online through Zoom – you don’t even need to leave your room.
  5. Nobody is judging! It’s a place to talk, have fun, and learn along the way.

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