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The Accounting Essentials Test evaluates the candidate's skills and knowledge in accounting essentials. It covers the areas necessary for those interested in pursuing an accounting career.

What to Expect:

Once you click Next, you have 15 minutes to answer all the questions.

You'll be asked to enter your name - it's optional, but you will need it if you would like to get the detailed report or the badge..

The test includes financial accounting questions that include basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

After the Test:

You will get:

1. A quick report about your current readiness to pursue an accounting career.
2. You can request a detailed report that shows your strengths, areas of improvement, and the best career choices for you (optional)
3. If you get a top score, you can request the BlueChip Accounting Essentials Badge - a badge that you can add to your CV and a testimony about your advanced skills!


All the information will be treated confidentially. We take your privacy seriously.
If you are taking this test individually, information in this test will only be shared with you.
If you are taking this test as part of a job interview, BlueChip may share the information related to that specific test with your employer. BlueChip will not share information any other tests that you take individually.

Ready to shine? Click 'Next' to start!

Clicking Next will start the test and the timer immediately.


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