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This course takes you through the steps of preparing an analytical report and teaches you the Excel techniques you need to prepare it. This is an ad-hoc course designed to teach you the specific areas and tools in Excel that can be used to analyze data and prepare professional reports. It covers:

  • What reports can be done with Excel.
  • The process of preparing an analytical report.
  • Charts, and how you should use them.
  • Using PivotTables to generate reports and prepare dashboards.
  • Using Functions and formulas needed to analyze data.
  • Macros and process automation.  

The workshop will be interactive and will have virtual real-life scenarios.

Who is it for?
If you are in a business that requires data analysis and preparing reports, this course is for you.
This is especially useful for:
– Marketing and sales managers
– Accounting and finance professionals and students
– Anyone who would like to improve their data analysis and reporting skills.

About the Instructor:
CMA certifiedin 2011
BA in Business Administration
​CMA trainer since 2013
Over ten years of experience in accounting, auditing, and financial management at reputable local and international companies, including:

  • International telecom provider
  • Big 4 audit firm
  • Finance management and advisory at a major local payment service provider
  • Finance management at a reputable payroll/staffing company
  • Financial and management advisory for multiple local companies in Kurdistan, Iraq.

This course is available in English and Arabic.

The module takes 12 hours (6 sessions).

Online. Instructions will be sent by email.

​A certificate for successful completion of the course will be provided. High performing participants will receive a letter of recommendation which will increase your employability options.

All certificates can be maintained and verified at credential.net.

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