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The Simplest, Most Convenient Cashbook System

Very Simple

No need to hire a professional accountant to take care of your cash movement. Vesca enables you to record entries, print receipts, and get analytical reports easily.

Flexible Currencies

Vesca provides a new approach in managing multiple currencies. You can now have multiple currencies in the same cash transaction, and in the same receipt.

Excellent Reporting

All the analytical information needed can be obtained with one click – from basic transactions list for your accountant, up to IFRS-compatible statement of cash flow.

Who Needs Vesca

  • Small and medium enterprises.
  • Corporations to manage head office or or branch cashiers.
  • Offices and small firms that depend mainly on cash transactions.

How to Install

Vesca is a cloud-based system. It needs no installation, and you can get any upgrades and patches automatically for free. All you need is to enter your web-based application through your email and password.


Each company can have an undefined number of users using the same database. For control purposes, transactions can be tracked as to who entered each transaction.

Is Vesca an Alternative for an Accounting System?

No. While many small businesses can get all their accounting needs through Vesca, the system is designed for the specific purpose of managing cash accounts. It will make the work of accountants, auditors, and manager much easier and provide them with all the information they need about cash movements.

Is Vesca Secure?

Yes. Vesca is built using an interface that complies with major data security standards, including GDPR and PCI. Furthermore, the system maintains a seven-day emergency backup.

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